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With the stunning aerial footage that has been captured by the Fluid Motion’s key team members, this show reel gives the viewing audience a majestic look around some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes.

Some aerial drone footage from our most recent trip to Abu Dhabi for the Crown Prince Festival. There’s something incredibly facinating about seeing this majestical city from the view of an aerial drone. A big thanks to Jared Marshal for the editing of this showreel!

Thank you for all the support! Over 100 likes on our Facebook page & almost 1000 hits on our promo with Fremantle Media. Be sure to check out the full range of work via our YouTube channel.


Take a ride on board the Fluid Motion drone with Fremantle Media. Includes Grand Design’s Australia house reveal and Channel 7’s House Rules – Series 1. Footage also includes Porsche’s 50 year anniversary reveal of 100 Porsche 911’s over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A once chance shot for the client, all in a days work!