January 2014

The Fluid Motion Drone Aerial Platform combined with Image Makers Productions worked together to make this production more innovative for the client. Shot with the DJI Hendocopter Drone, Canon 5Dmiii and 2 professional broadcast XDCam operators.


Fluid Motion is proud to present in 2014 the latest in Drone technology. The DJI’s Octocopter combined with the Canon 5DMiii 35mm full frame censor, this Octocopter will take to the sky’s very soon!! Another addition to the Fluid Motion arsenal.

Thank you for all the support! Over 100 likes on our Facebook page & almost 1000 hits on our promo with Fremantle Media. Be sure to check out the full range of work via our YouTube channel.

Fluid Motion’s new 2014 Octocopter machine! It under slings the 35mm censor – Canon 5D MK3 which can also be used via unlocking the cameras capabilities with Magic Lantern software RAW! Stay tuned for feature films, TVC’s, dramas etc.

News and current affairs from Australia and around the world. Fluid Motion’s first morning light shoot for upcoming story in NSW – Rich & Alex get up close and personal with a heard of 10,000 cows.

Fluid Motion’s Hendocopter in action down at Sorrento for KPMG Couta Boat Classic. Footage coming soon…