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Fluid Motion on set of a Sci-Fi Mini series with the actors walking down the isle! Richard Fraser had his skill sets cut out for him on the day as he had to fly in manual through the tight squeezes, around corners and craning up to reveal where they were, some amazing flying was done and a big thank you to Rich for doing a great shot once again!!!

The Fluid Motion team take to the sky’s for Coca Cola!

With the stunning aerial footage that has been captured by the Fluid Motion’s key team members, this show reel gives the viewing audience a majestic look around some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes.

The Fluid Motion team with Richard and Dale provided some unique footage for Nick Williams’ state of the art thoroughbred training facility at Macedon Lodge. View the interactive tour of Macedon Lodge, a world-class facility which reigns supreme.


Samantha Armytage will host Seven’s new makeover series, Bringing Sexy Back next year. The series seeks to “change exhausted ordinary Australians into something extraordinary” and to live a balanced, healthy life. In action… Gil Oberhofer & Alex Zattleman creating more beautiful aerials on the Goldcoast.


Well what can we say, another hard day at the office! Fluid Motion boys once again on location at Fraser Island filming a car TVC.

The greatest cattle drive in more than a century has been snaking its way from north west Queensland, deep into southern New South Wales. Reporter: Charles Wooley ’60 Minutes’ takes you on one of the greatest gambles the bush has ever seen. Another epic Fluid Motion collaboration. Click on this blog title or visit ninemsn for the full story.


Dale Henderson, Steadicam veteran, is now a central player in the development of remote control helicopter platforms in the Australian production sector. The camera moves are breathtaking and they are adding a whole dimension to modestly budgeted drama and documentary productions.


The Fluid Motion team hard at work in the beautiful Freycinet & Wineglass Bay area, Tasmania. Another great day flying once again! Now home to build up the 5D Hendocopter/Octocopter.