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Fluid Motion took to the sky’s at the end of 2014 to capture some beautiful footage of the University of Tasmanias Maxi Yacht in action on the River Derwent.


Samantha Armytage will host Seven’s new makeover series, Bringing Sexy Back next year. The series seeks to “change exhausted ordinary Australians into something extraordinary” and to live a balanced, healthy life. In action… Gil Oberhofer & Alex Zattleman creating more beautiful aerials on the Goldcoast.


Dale Henderson, Steadicam veteran, is now a central player in the development of remote control helicopter platforms in the Australian production sector. The camera moves are breathtaking and they are adding a whole dimension to modestly budgeted drama and documentary productions.


Fluid Motion’s new 2014 Octocopter machine! It under slings the 35mm censor – Canon 5D MK3 which can also be used via unlocking the cameras capabilities with Magic Lantern software RAW! Stay tuned for feature films, TVC’s, dramas etc.

News and current affairs from Australia and around the world. Fluid Motion’s first morning light shoot for upcoming story in NSW – Rich & Alex get up close and personal with a heard of 10,000 cows.


Take a ride on board the Fluid Motion drone with Fremantle Media. Includes Grand Design’s Australia house reveal and Channel 7’s House Rules – Series 1. Footage also includes Porsche’s 50 year anniversary reveal of 100 Porsche 911’s over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A once chance shot for the client, all in a days work!